The Main Office - Diane Bradley |

- Scheduling an appointment with the District Supervisor

- Information concerning upcoming events

- Resumes and job openings

- General District questions

Church Administration - Jacy Burnett |

- Best practices for Foursquare Church administration

- Foursquare properties process

- Church financial questions

- Bylaw questions

-What is the licensing process, ordination, service awards?- Click Licensing & Ordination for info

The Hub - Jacy Burnett | or Lauren Gelman |

- What is The Hub? What happened to Ezra? Login to The Hub here

- Help with The Hub

- The Hub training videos can be found in the Admin Toolkit here

ACCESS - Dave Edler | Academic Coordinator |

- Where do I find out more information about ACCESS

- Does this fulfill my continuing education requirements? 

- Can I get college credit if I take ACCESS?  

ACCESS - April Nault | Technical Coordinator |

- Where do I go to find the ACCESS online sessions? 

- Can't remember your Canvas username and password? 

- How do I login to the Canvas website? 

Church Multiplication -Lauren Gelman |

- Information about the cohort training model

- Is church planting for me? 

- Where are church plants needed? 

- How long is the church planting process & when should I start? Click Church Multiplication for more info

Licensing - Lizzete Resendiz |

-What is the licensing process, ordination, service awards?- Click Licensing & Ordination for info

*¿Cuál es el proceso de licencia, ordenación, premios de servicio? - Haga clic en Licencias y ordenación para obtener información

NextGen Ministries - Christina Walters |

- Where can I get more information about camps

- Who do I talk to about getting my children's or youth pastor involved in the District? 

- Who is my regional youth rep? See the list here

- I'm looking for a new youth or children's pastor

Missions - Kirsten Root |

- What's FMI? 

- How do I become a Foursquare missionary? 

- Connecting with an international missionary

- Engaging ethnic people groups in my area

- How do I sponsor a local Foursquare missionary? 

Hispanic Ministries - Kirsten Root |

-  Anything related to Hispanic ministries in the NWD - Cual quiera cosa relacionada con los ministerios hispanos en el Noroeste. 

Communications - Lauren Gelman |

- Where do I find videos from past District events? 

- How do I get connected with the District's social media accounts? 

- How do I get onto the District's email list for newsletters?