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Dan Thompson, MD

Rosanne Thompson, ARNP

D: 253-318-3454, R: 253-318-8195



At the command of Jesus, WE GO, to serve our FMI missionaries and our Foursquare National Churches with medical-evangelism clinics.  We minister to the whole person by serving each medically and clearly presenting the Gospel to everyone who comes.  Our great desire is that teams will be formed from the local churches in the NW District, many of which are not able to send teams on their own.  We hope to provide a unique opportunity for medical professionals and non-medical people interested in medical missions to bring health, healing, and salvation to the lost.  We will come under and lift up the FMI missionary and the indigenous Foursquare Church. 


  1. NW District Medical Teams will be submitted to the FMI missionary, serving to lift up the national leaders and the indigenous church.

  2. Application process will seek to assure that team members share common Foursquare beliefs and are spiritually mature.

  3. Team leaders will be responsible for pre-deployment training, daily spiritual team life while on mission and debriefing of the team.

  4. Team members must commit to attend all meetings for pre-deployment training.

  5. Medical teams will minister intentionally to the whole person—body, soul and spirit—and will be fully Pentecostal, ministering in salvation, healing and deliverance.

  6. Each NW District Medical Team trip will be fully funded by team member fees, which average $3500. This includes air travel and all team expenses while on mission.

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Application Process:

  1. Fill out a contact form

  2. Receive via email an application packet

  3. Submit application to trip leaders (with $50 application fee applied to trip cost)

  4. Interview with trip leaders 

2019 Trip Dates

TRIP CLOSED: Myanmar (Feb 9 - 24)  This is the fifth NWDMT mission to Myanmar, formerly called Burma.   Buddhism is the major religion in this country, accounting for 80% of the population.  Islam accounts for 4-5%.  This team will be assisting the Foursquare Church of Myanmar to reach the lost and assisting in church planting.  Cost of trip is to be determined (average cost $3500).  Team leaders - Dr. Carri Jo and Caleb Timmer. TRIP CLOSED

NEW DATES: Cote d’Ivoire (June 15-30, 2019)  This is the third NWDMT mission to this western African nation once called the Ivory Coast.  We will be working in 2 villages in the western part of the country to assist the national Foursquare church in hopes of planting a church in one or both villages.  The cost of the trip is to be determined (average cost of trips $3500).  Both non-medical and medical people are needed to make up the team of 14 people.  Team leaders – Dan and Rosanne Thompson. NEW DATES - June 15-30, 2019

Niger (October 19 - November 3)  This is the fifth NWDMT mission to Niger in western Africa, a country that is 98% Muslim.  We will be assisting the Niger Foursquare church in the capital city of Niamey and to help a church plant in a village.  The cost of trip is to be determined (average cost of trips $3500).  Team will consist of 14 people.  Team leaders – Dan and Rosanne Thompson