Tuesday Morning | 10:45am - 12pm

An Emboldened Vision for an Emboldened Church

Auditorium | Tara Beth Leach

This workshop is for women AND men. Leach provides practical expertise for how women can find their place at the table, escape imposter syndrome, face opposition, mentor others, and much more. Also, she examines how men can inspire and embolden the women in their midst.

Present Parenting

Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) | Bethany Wymore

Protect your parenting in ways that will give your children the tools to thrive, gain independence and become the leaders they have the potential to be.

We don’t shoot our wounded!  We work to see restoration in their lives. We are all “wounded healers” and this could and probably will happen to you if you lead in the local church.  Listen to the real story of a leader who fell into addiction and the process that restored him to his place of ministry in a local church.

Restoring a Fallen Leader

Room 100 | Mark Grange and Dave Edler 

“’Yes, I am coming soon!’ Amen!  Come, Lord Jesus.”  Revelation 22:20

Room 102 | Russ Schlecht

Few subjects generate as much hate among Christians as the topic of the end times. Will there be a 1,000-year millennial reign of Jesus on the earth?  OR a rapture or a seven-year tribulation period?  Is it possible to pull out of the quagmire of opinion and counter argument a meaningful and Biblically sound understanding of God’s current and future mission in the world?  Let’s find out!

When living on a pastor’s or staff person’s salary how is one supposed to save for retirement?  Practical steps to help you be able to stop requiring an income from ministry before your church is done with your ministry.  Explore how to take advantage of Foursquare Services to prepare you for retirement.

Finances to Last a Lifetime

Room 103 | Dave Veach

Contextualizing the Gospel in a Post-Christian and Disrupted World

Room 106 | Jeff Roper

How my experience in Europe can help you understand how the loss of faith and mass movements of people create opportunities for the Gospel.

Las Estaciones en la Vida de un Ministro

Room 107 | Victor Venalonzo

En un calendario anual encontramos estaciones y temporadas, esas mismas estaciones pueden ser encontradas en la vida. Escuche al Pastor Víctor hablar sobre estas temporadas y estaciones en la vida de un ministro.

A Key To A Great Men’s Ministry

Room 108 | Robert Flores

One of the greatest gifts we can give men is an invitation to join us on our wild ride of life, This workshop will unpack the strategy of using our journey to reach and disciple the men in our world.

Engaging Young Adults

Room 112 | Evan Cook

A discussion on how to pursue the 18-20 somethings in your church and in your city. How do we minister to them? How do we build relationship? The next generation isn’t coming, it’s already here.

Coaching for Maximum Impact!

Room 206 | Dave Chandler

Discover how coaching can unlock practical tools to spur others to take personal responsibility and move forward.

Creating a Healthy Prophetic Culture in Your Church

Room 202 | Debbie Kitterman

Being part of a fresh move of God requires cooperating with His prophetic moves.  Come explore how we can equip and release healthy prophetic individuals and ministries in our churches.

Payroll and Taxes

Room 203 | Jacy Burnett

Am I doing my housing allowance correctly?  Is my year end W-2 correct?  How can I maximize my tax benefits?  This workshop will dive into the unique world of clergy compensation and taxes.

Why Teach the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? Do you wonder if it’s still worth it?

Room 208 | Jim Romack

Today many pastors have chosen to sideline teaching about the Holy Spirit, others still see a vision and value for a robust pneumatology.  Here you will be encouraged to consider your personal, “Why”.  If you have sincere questions and are up for a challenging respectful dialogue …. It may be just what you need.

Becoming a Kids Ministry Leader People Want to Follow

Room 209 | Zach Saugen

Jesus made people feel valuable! If we want to be a leader that people love to follow it starts with making your leaders feel loved and valued.

Webster: Church Council = Peace and Fruit

Room 207 | Terry Fisher

When there is peace in the Council, there is peace in the church.  But even better is peace coupled with ministry fruit.  A healthy Council will leave kingdom fruit in its wake - within your church family!

Wednesday Morning | 9am - 10:15am

Axioms of Worship Ministry

Auditorium | Nathan Lewellyn

Short, digestible principles to spur thought and challenge those serving the church through worship and tech. For ministry veterans, rookies and anyone in between.

Roadmap to Reconciliation: Achieving Workable Unity

Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) | Kitara Johnson

This workshop will equip leaders through the facilitation of courageous conversations, activities, and scriptures. Participants will explore God's biblical plan for diversity and inclusion, reflect on what their unique role is in making it happen, and practical ways to achieve workable unity within your ministry.

When the Church Owns the Church

Room 102 | Nate Poetzl

Debt can make a Church leader feel paralyzed, stressed and shackled.  In this workshop we will explore aggressive methods to limit the amount of money a church owes and free up more resources for ministry.

Growing Healthy Young People

Room 103 | Andy Gilbert

How to create an atmosphere that allows a community of young people to grow strong and healthy...that's the assignment we share as youth leaders.  We’ll discuss some principles learned and a few mistakes made along the way.

Going “Glocal”

Room 106 | Paul and Carina Greer

“Going Glocal” may look like a misspelling, but it's not. Missions is often seen as a global strategy to evangelize and will often disregard the effect of local missions. Hear how to combine the vision and heart of both to impact locally and globally.

Milenios: Empoderando la próxima generación

Room 107 | Kirsten Root

En este taller estaremos entrevistando a milenios sobre su perspectiva en empoderando a la próxima generación de lideres en iglesias hispanas.

Empowering Chaplains In Your Church

Room 108 | Kelly Bradley

Join in an interactive discussion with a panel of seasoned chaplains. Representing the various areas where they serve, the panel will explore how chaplains can positively impact the local church.

How To Minister Healing In Grace and Truth

Room 112 | Aaron Thompson

We are called to lay hands on the sick,  to pray in faith, to expect healing.   We are also called to carry others burdens, walk with them through loss, and expect suffering and eventually death.  How do we live in this tension?   As always, Jesus is our model.  He demonstrates to us how to minister healing in grace and in truth.

Emotional Health

Room 206 | Alex and Debbie Chai

How can we stay healthy through the tough stuff of ministry? Alex will share about tapping into mentors and self-care. And for ministry women and ministry wives, Debbie will share about friendship.

True Neighboring

Room 202 | Matt Babcock

Think about your neighbors and city: are you loving them well? Lurking behind every attempt to be good neighbors hides something destroying our attempts to love our communities.

Communications For Every Church: Maximizing Your Impact and Reach

Room 203 | Ilse Papst, Bob Horn, and Ellen Kim

Regardless of church or staff size, budget, or experience, gain tools/resources for your church communications. From print material to emails to social media come for a time to collaborate together.

Multiplying Leaders

Room 208 | Dave Edler

How do you identify and recruit leaders?  What are the secrets to building a culture of leadership development where you lead?  Hear how to draw people into your vision to reach your community from a leader who has recruited and released leaders for over 30 years.

New Models for Church Planting in Post-Christian Culture

Room 209 | Brad Williams

Join a discussion where new methodologies and understanding for church planting in post-Christian America will be unpacked. You’ll also learn about the training and coaching available for church planters within the new Foursquare Multiply West Coast.

Keeping Salvation Central

Room 207 | Drew Barnhart

Jesus is our Savior. If we miss this, then we miss everything. This is not new information to those in ministry, but is it still central in our daily lives?