We are so excited for the workshops planned for NWD17, scroll through to see all the titles, descriptions, and presenters!

Tuesday Morning

"Cultivating and Contending for Healing Power in Our Churches" 

Ben Dixon

We all know how ministry demands, loss, disappointments and fear can persuade us out of believing and praying for healing power to be released in the Church.  We will discuss the foundation for the healing gifts and ministry as well as how we can cultivate the power of God for healing in our churches and our people.

"Three Steps to Reach More Guys and Grow Your Church" 

Jason Graves

Pastor and author Jason Graves will give you a simple, three step strategy for helping your church attract new men from your community and turn them into leaders.

"Racial Reconciliation: The Church's Role Going Forward" 

Keith Jenkins, Kyle Veach, James Stalker, Joe Wittwer

You’ve heard about racial reconciliation. What’s next? Join us for an open, honest discussion about next steps to respond to racial reconciliation in our church and our communities.

Old one-size-fits-all forms of evangelism doesn't work for millennials.  Learn to lead them through the 5 thresholds of postmodern conversion: Trust, Curiosity, Opening to change, Seeking, and Following Jesus.

"Millenials Want To be Evangelists, They Just Don't Know It Yet" 

Caleb & Deanna Kytonen

Nicole Reyes shares insights and experiences on church-planting in the heart of a city, from marketing and outreach to venue-hunting and fundraising to building a launch team to small groups and personal soul care.

"Church Planting at the Speed of Health"

Nicole Reyes

Glean wisdom and practical tools in helping process what a transition can look like.   Whether considering a church plant or transitioning an existing church, hear leadership life lessons gained through the school of hard knocks.

"Changing the Culture" 

Jim Romack

A gospel without the second coming of Jesus Christ loses its power to transform people. Let's talk about how this "square" changes our perspective about everything.

"Our Fourth Square: Why it Matters" 

Steve Schell

En este taller vamos a descubrir varias claves para mantener la unidad en la vida matrimonial del pastor. Como líderes espirituales enfrentamos mucho estrés emocional y una batalla espiritual que pueden generar división en la pareja pastoral.

"Conflictos Matrimoniales: Claves Para Mantener la Unidad"

Lee Schnabel

As a Children's Pastor, you know your calling is a special one. Yet, do you feel "set apart" from the rest of the church and that Sundays come at you like a freight train? Join us for new ideas on team building, and communicating your vision to the church. Learn how to thrive and not just survive.

"Help! I Need Somebody, Not Just Anybody!"

Patty Thometz

"Companioning the Bereaved" 

Shawn Schertzer

Discover how to walk alongside a friend in their grief without the fear you might do or say the wrong thing.

 How can my church and I have the maximum reach and impact in today’s world? What are some fresh ways to be on Mission in this changed world?

"Global Ministry that Makes a Difference" 

Ted Vail, Chad Isenhart

"Parenting 101"

Windy Veach

Got kids? Got skills? They don't come with owners manuals, but Windy will share a few tips she learned along the way.

Every church needs leadership in the area of finances and generosity.   Learn how to make a plan, know the numbers and lead your church toward growth. 

"Create a Culture of Generosity" 

Tim Poetzl

Wednesday Morning 

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, no one thinks of changing themselves - Leo Tolstoy"

Gaby VanBreda

The workshop discusses the question of change. It centers on the ways in which reflective practice can contribute to the transformation of leadership practices.

Short-term mission teams can grow your church’s global impact while accelerating discipleship. We’ll discuss why short-term missions are a strategic investment and why they don’t have to be logistically overwhelming.

"Why Do Short Term Missions and Are They Worth It?" 

Kirsten Root, Emily Plater

No matter the size of your church, communication matters! Come discover how your church values connect with various forms of media (website, social media, graphics), collaborate with others, and walk away with great resources.

"Let's Talk About Your Church: Effective Media Communications & Why It Matters" 

Lauren Gelman, Tessa Poyner, Ellen Kim

This session is designed to resource leaders desiring to contend for healthy, authentic Spirit-Filled ministry in and through their local church. We will cover both the theological and practical aspects of The Baptism of The Holy Spirit, and the abuse and use of Spiritual Gifts in public and private.

"The Third Person - the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit" 

Jim Hayford

Jesus has called his Church to make disciples who make disciples. How do we practically "do" discipleship? We will discuss building a culture for focused/fruitful discipling in church.

"Creating a Discipleship Culture" 

Chris Manginelli, Ben Dixon

Leading a church of Christ-followers who see themselves as the souls of their communities, making an impact that echoes far beyond the walls of the church.

"Community Impact"

Jon McIntosh

We all want a vibrant culture of worship in the church we serve. We will think through a philosophy of worship, what it looks like to lead pastorally, and wrestle with the practicals.

"Shepherding Our Congregations in Worship" 

Sherry Muchira

As leaders, the nurture and nourishment of our soul is paramount. Lectio Divina is the ancient practice of prayerfully engaging Scripture not for information or motivation but communion and union.

"Lectio Divina - the Practice of Prayerful Attentiveness" 

Greg Russinger

Are you leaving money on the table when filing your personal income taxes? Reduce your taxes and increase your cash with some simple changes to your pastoral compensation.

"Maximizing Your Pastoral Compensation"

Cindy Towne

Este taller va a enfocarnos en las catacerísticas de la iglesia de Antioquía como modelo de una iglesia que alcanzó al mundo del primer siglo. El énfasis de este tiempo de diálogo estará en cosas prácticas que podemos hacer para aumentar nuestro impacto mundial como iglesia local.

"Como Ser Una Iglesia Local con Un Impacto Mundial"

Lee Schnabel

Jesus is our Savior.  This means that He is the reason we’re saved and experiencing life—the only reason.  No one is going to heaven because they are Republican, straight or Foursquare.  Don’t be detoured from the only issue that matters forever: Jesus.

"Jesus is the Issue" 

Joe Wittwer

Capturing hype from trends in pop culture and utilizing it for the advancement of authentic hope

"Cultivating a Culture of Hope" 

Jake Archer

Women in ministry know that the juggle is real! Join me as we talk about accepting your stage of the journey and seeking the Lord for direction.

"Being a Woman in Ministry - Managing the Demands of Ministry Life" 

Kari Bulman 

God is opening new missional pathways for those committed to infiltrating community and culture through their unique calling and giftedness. An Olympic wrestler and community organizer share their amazing journey.

"Redefining Mission" 

Dan & Joy Russell