2017 Niger Trip

Dear Praying Partners,

Thank you so much for your prayers for the Niger mission.  God's grace, mercy and protection were very evident as a result of you joining with us in prayer.  We joined with national Pastor Omar and several village pastors to share the hope of Jesus in a place where there is so little hope.

900 people were touched by the love of God through medical care.  A 20 year old girl with her jaw 3 times normal size and in severe pain from a dental infection came for help.  She returned the next day for second injection of antibiotic, so thankful because she had slept for the first time in 3 weeks - the pain was much better, swelling was going down.  A year old baby the size of a 2 month old, so weak and lethargic from lack of nutrition - his mother quit breast feeding because she was sick - was supplied with formula and a chance to begin growing again.  

A lot of people returned this year who had been seen last year, finding that those who love Jesus are ready to help them even a second time, though they had yet to turn their lives over to Jesus.  Some of these prayed this time to receive Jesus in their hearts.  Persistence pays off.  A total of 165 people prayed for salvation, even in the face of persecution by family and neighbors. God is moving in Niger.

The Foursquare Church of Niamey has doubled in size since our visit a year ago.  We had a powerful time of worship, testimony and the word as we fellowshipped with them.  

Some great relationships were forged between government officials and the Church of Niger.  Over 150 teachers in the area of the Niamey Foursquare Church were given medical care and the blessing of reading glasses.  This will impact their lives and also the lives of their students.  Some of these prayed to become Christ followers.  The Minister of Health for Niger, a representative of the Governor of Niamey, a national senator and the local official who oversees the area of the Niamey Foursquare Church helped to open the clinic in a special ceremony. These muslim officials heard the gospel, a testimony of how Jesus heals and were prayed for in Jesus name.    

We saw evidence of the Lord's protection through the local authorities. You remember that 4 US special forces men were killed about 1 week before we left for Niger.  The officials provided armed escorts for our travel and stay in the village - they were vigilant with their AK-47's and RPG's (rocket propelled grenades).  Each of the soldiers were cared for at the clinic and heard the gospel.  The commander was honored at the concluding ceremony at the village and was deeply touched by the love and care we provided him and his soldiers.  We know that these were just signs of the protection of the Lord of Angel Armies encamped about us.

God does so much of what we will never see or know until we all meet in eternity.  With your prayers we were able to minister in truth and power while feeling protected and safe.  Thank you so much for your participation in this mission.  Without your work, our work would be much less effective and the trouble we would see would be much greater.  


Thank you so much.  Your participation is more appreciated than you know.


All our love and His blessings, Dan and Rosanne