In the Northwest District, we believe in empowering the next generation (cradle to college age). We are seeing Jesus doing an incredible movement throughout this young generation and we believe God is calling us to speak life and encourage them. We believe the best way to do this is by pouring into and supporting our NextGen leaders and pastors. There is a great Foursquare community for NextGen pastors and our goal is to connect, care and coach them. The best way we connect our pastors and leaders is via our NextGen reps. Their role is to get to know NextGen pastors in their specific area and help them know they are loved and have resources available.

NWD Cradle to College (NextGen) Representative: 

Christina Wagaman 


NextGen Reps: 

David Lewellyn , Eastern WA region,
Omar Lara , Tacoma Area region,
Matt Unruh, Greater Seattle Region,
Nick Crider, Central WA Region,
Esther Hill, North Sound Region (Kids Rep),
Beth Green, South Sound Region (Kids rep),
Micah Simpson, Montana Region,
Reggie Robinson, North Dakota Region,
Joshua “JVJ” Vonjentzen, North Sound Region (Youth Rep),>,
Sean Jamieson, South Sound Region,
Cesar Hernandez, Idaho Region,

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