God has been stirring things up in the Pacific Northwest, highlighting the importance of church multiplication in advancing His Kingdom. We’ve been fine-tuning our training for church planters with greater attention given to missiology and ecclesiology for the Pacific Northwest & a Global City context. The purpose of the fine-tuning is to help church planters to plant churches in a secularized culture that is quickly marginalizing the church. Although culture is rapidly changing around us we still believe in multiplying "gospel centered" and "Holy Spirit empowered" churches that transform lives and culture.

This past year we have enlarged our training to include the North Pacific District as well as church planters in the Hawaii District.  This is a strategic move to bring church planters into a larger community with each other in an environment that cultivates a missional mindset.

We’ve asked a few of our past participants to share their experience and what they’ve been learning through the training:

Training in the Cohort

Phil Manginelli is nearing the end of the training, and recently moved to Georgia with his wife and children to plant a church. He talks about what he and his wife have received in the in cohort:

“Mainly the training has helped us answer concretely the question of ‘why’. As we have explored the concepts of Kingdom, Discipleship, Evangelism, etc. we have come to very conclusive answers on why we are planting and why we must plant a church. It took things we knew in grey, and moved them to black and white. It has also forced us to ask the right questions about how we see the Gospel move, not how we build a church that looks like everyone else’s. I don't know how we would be planting without it (the cohort), that is how vital it has become. It helps us plant, helps us lead our team, and gives me a place to process, which is something I desperately need. My overall feedback— it is what every church planter needs and should be a part of.”

Church Multiplication Retreats

Mark Grange, currently the associate pastor at Yakima Foursquare, previously participated in a Church Planting Cohort. He and his wife are feeling called to step out and plant, and have some feedback on the recent Church Planting Retreat they participated in:

“The most impactful part of the Church Planters Retreat for me was simply being with other planters who are pursuing the Kingdom together. I believe ministry flows out of community and having the opportunity to hear amazing teaching then being able to unpack it live within a group and with my wife was powerful. What I love about who we [Foursquare] are and was shown true at the retreat, is that this isn't about a church or a pastor or about a denomination, this is about being obedient to the call of discipleship and ushering in a Kingdom.”

More Info

If you would like more information on our Church Planting Cohort, please contact us ASAP. Currently our cohorts start dates are every January and August. Click for our church plant training Snapshot and Road Map documents. 

It’s exciting to be partnering with the mission of God to birth new churches and see more people reached.

Lauren Gelman (Coordinator for NWD and NPD) | lgelman@foursquare.org253-284-1674