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ACCESS Fall 2019

“Sexuality and Spirituality: Navigating Complex Waters” - Deb Hirsch

Eastside Foursquare Church | Monday, October 14, 1-4pm | $10

Join us for our pre-conference Fall 2019 ACCESS. The gap between the church and the broader society is highlighted through arguments around sexuality. Relationships, identities, orientations, mores, and even such seemingly straight forward concepts like gender are creating battle lines between the church and broader society. How do leaders of God’s church navigate such complex conversations? How do we hold true to our understanding of God’s word while radically loving others? How do we lead our people, in the way of Jesus, through this complex cultural season? What does it mean for every human to be created sexual? What can sexual minorities teach us about our own sexuality? These questions and more will be discussed. Come to this pre-conference expecting a new paradigm and a new conversation around human sexuality.

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